Children are the future of the motherland and the hope of parents. To cultivate a healthy and happy baby, we need the full cooperation of family, society and kindergarten to achieve the best results. We feel very honored and pleased to be able to work with you to build a bright future for children. To describe the perfect starting point of life for our children, we invite you to attend the mid-term parent-teacher conference in the park, and we will discuss and speak freely together. I hope I can he a good munication with you on the issue of childrens growth and education. Your suggestion is our harvest. Lets raise a sky for our children. Taken the parent-teacher meeting specific arrangements are as follows:

I. Time: 8: 00 on the 12th of April ( Sunday )

II. Venue: Conference Room

III. Matters requiring parental cooperation:

1. In order to enable you to municate with your teacher more attentively, please lee your baby at home and take care of it. Please mom and dad make arrangements for your baby in advance and attend on time. Thank you for your cooperation.2. If you are unable to attend the parent-teacher meeting under special circumstances, please inform the class teacher in advance and municate with the teacher as soon as possible after the meeting. Sincerely thank you for your strong support for kindergarten work.Childrens music kindergarten

April 10, 20xx


Respected owners / tenants

61 International Childrens Day is ing. Your child must be full of expectation. Dont worry! We he already agreed with the Industry Council and Yake Club to hold a Celebration of June 1 event with music as its theme. At that time, we will invite more than 10 foreign children to perform piano talent shows. We hope to arouse your childrens interest and make friends with art so that your children can fully display their strong interest and beautiful music. At the same time, we also prepared some wonderful parent-child interaction programs and rich small gifts. We look forward to your participation. Please and your children must actively participate in and spend the childrens happy holidays together. !

Activity time: 3: 00 p.m. on June 2, 20xx

Venue: inside the yake club

Note: In order to prepare for this event in advance, we he prepared a receipt for consultation. Please return it to the management office by May 28, 20xx, # URL # so that we can arrange related events.If you he any questions, please call the management office at 5 1 or 6 3 ( English hotline )

X Golf Villa Property Management Office

May 21, 20xx


Dear big friends, children, hello!

Our garden is scheduled to hold the 7th Childrens Music Kindergarten - Flying Childlike Innocence and Imagining Childrens Paintings large-scale public welfare exhibition garden event on Saturday ( July 25 ) from 7: 30 am to 10: 00 am in Xinxin Home Square.This activity is divided into three parts -

The first part is a wonderful theatrical performance by both teachers and students.The second part is a 40 - meter flying childlike innocence and imagining children painting picture scroll, waiting for our baby to paint the colorful world in his eyes with a tender brush.The third part is 13 groups of manual DIY activities ( kite group, fan group, mosaic paste group, pottery + paper paste group, magic corn + stereo manual group, paper tray + CD DIY group, candle painting group, manual DIY group ), looking forward to the babys joining!

Wele 2 - 6 weeks old children around you to attend!

Childrens music summer activities, wele everyone to e happy!

Childrens Music Kindergartens Autumn Enrollment Begins!

Enrollment hotline: 3596222 1535407868

Childrens music kindergarten recruits excellent kindergarten teachers, those with experience are preferred, and the treatment is negotiable. Telephone: 3596222 15030764696

Childrens Music Kindergarten was founded in 1998 and is located in Xinxin Home Hospital. It is the first private Montessori Education Kindergarten in our city. Our garden aims at developing children, serving parents and achieving teachers, supplemented by a strong teaching staff, high-end teaching equipment, delicious nutrition catering and rich large-scale activities to create a happy and happy home for children!

Childrens music kindergarten enrolls 2 - 6 year-old children all the year round.Enrollment hotline: 3596222 1535407868

Address: Yan Xin Jia Yuan, Nanhuan Middle Road


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