Thank you, Mr. Gibson. I feel deeply indebted to you and I really dont know how to thank you enough for your help.Its a great honor to be following in your footsteps as Overseas Sales www.na168.com be honest, this promotion came as quite a surprise. Id like to think its mainly a recognition of the teamwork, above and beyond the call of duty, in my department. On that same note, Id like to thank all my colleagues in the pany for their enthusiasm and hard work. Due to their efforts, weve really gotten some overseas projects off the ground for Action.Looking to the future, Id still like to maintain contact with everyone, even though Ill be working at the senior level. Well, what Im trying to say is I wont let this step-up go to my head. My door will always be open. Thank you again.英文升职感谢信范文

Respected xx of xx

Greetings, I am writing this letter to thank you for your kind understanding of our moderate adjustments to our pricing policies. As you may he already known, the cost of the raw materials necessary to our production has moved up greatly in the last few years, and considering the fact that it is to the interests of both of our panies that we maintain a cooperation relationship, we he been by far trying to supprethe rise of product prices as best we can. But with the recent increase of labor cost, it has bee impossible for us to lee prices the way they were, and thus the new pricing policy. You he shown great understanding when we announced our new price list, and that is certain to help increase our future cooperation, once again you he my thanks on behalf of the whole pany. You are very wele to continue ordering our products, we look forward to in depth cooperation between our two panies.附:一、感谢常用句型

● 感谢上级

1. Its a great honor to be following in your footsteps as Overseas Sales Manager.2. Its a privilege for me to be following in your footsteps as Overseas Sales Manager.3. Its both an honor and a great thrill to be following in your footsteps.要对提拔你的人致谢;Its a great honor (privilege) to 是个很好的句型,to后面就接让你感到荣幸的事。

● 表示谦让

1. To be honest, this promotion came as quite a surprise.2. Truthfully, this promotion came as quite a surprise.3. In all honesty, it was quite a surprise for me to get this promotion.本段重点在于表示自己完全未曾预期升迁的谦虚心理。to be honest、truthfully或in all honesty是强调你说的都是真心话。quite a surprise,则是说十分令人意外的惊喜。

● 感谢同仁

1. On that same note, Id like to thank all my colleagues in the pany for their enthusiasm and hard work.2. Similarly, I must thank all my colleagues in the pany for their enthusiasm and hard work.3. Also, I thank all my colleagues in the pany for their enthusiasm and hard work. 由于在上段已感谢过上司及部门同仁,想再向其它同事致谢时,可用on that same note承接这个表示相同感谢的句子,并引导下文。note在此是指「口气、特点」,on the same note等于similarly或also。

● 未来的承诺

1. Well, what Im trying to say is I wont let this step-up go to my head.2. I mean I wont let this promotion change me.3. To put it another way, I wont let this promotion go to my head.● 二、 Useful Sentences and Paragraphs (常用语句和段落)

● A. Sentences (语句)

1. Im indebted to all the staff who he been working so hard. 我十分感激一直如此努力的全体员工。

2. We acknowledge the continued support from the embassy. 我们感谢大使馆长期以来的支持。

3. I am grateful to you for helping me. 感谢你的帮忙。

4. I am greatly indebted to you for the trouble you he gone. 你为我办事不辞辛劳,我感谢不尽。

5. It is generous of you to take so much interest in my work. 承蒙你对我的工作如此操心。

6. I realize that the task took a lot of your precious time. 我知道你为这事花了大量宝贵的时间。

7. Believe me, I am truly grateful for your good understanding. 对你们的理解,我真诚地表示感谢。

8. Thank you for your generous spirit of cooperation. 感谢你的慷慨合作精神。

9. I enjoyed the short stay at your home which is both delightful and memorable. 在你家的短暂停留是愉快而令人难忘的。

10. This is to thank you again for you wonderful hospitality. 再一次感谢你的盛情款待。

● B. Paragraphs (段落)

1. I he just returned to China from my American trip and it is only now that I he the opportunity of sending you a message of deep thanks for the cordial reception and hospitality extended to me and all my friends during our one-week stay in New York.结束了美国之行,我刚回到中国,因此刚有时间坐下来给您写信致谢,感谢您在我及我的朋友逗留纽约的那一周所给予的热情接待与帮助。

2. At any rate, I want to thank you for your help. The job looks very challenging, but because of the thorough training, I received at USC, together with your own informal coaching, Im confident I can handle it.无论如何,我都要好好地感谢您的帮忙。这份工作看来相当有挑战性。不过由于USC的完备教育训练与您的个人指导,我有信心能够胜任。

3. Your assistance on my recent trip was much appreciated. Without your advice and guidance I couldnt possibly he achieved as much as I was able to in so short a period of time. 非常感谢你在我最近旅途上所给予的帮助。如果没有你的建议与指导,我就不可能在如此短的时间内获得如此大的收获。


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